dixie diaries: a romp in the park

Last Friday, Rio and I took little MsDixie for a trip to Central Park. It was a gorgeous day – a bit on the warm side, but once within the trees in Central Park, it was very nice. She was having a ball (redeeming herself after almost blowing our cover at breakfast at 71 Irving – just a minor yet resounding “yip!”), running around from one side of the walkway to the next.

We were trying to find a good spot to set up shop for a bit, and were over by Sheeps Meadow. Knowing that they can be sticklers about where dogs are “legal” and where they are not, I quickly scanned the rules at the entrance. On the bottom third of the listing I saw the evil phrase “no dogs allowed”, and I was instantaneously reminded of Charlie Brown (anyone recall that? classic) and annoyed that the big open field was a no-go. I didn’t even get a chance to turn around, mind you still not even inside the area, before the workers began yelling at me “no dogs! no dogs!” as a group of three women and all of their dogs came out of the area yelling the same thing. Woah. It was a whole lotta something.

We finally found our spot of random grass out of the spotlight of the seemingly hostile employees. By the way apparently the fine for being in unsanctioned territory? $75. So my habit of reading those rules seems to be the way I’ll continue to be. Our little quiet patch though was just fine. Just around the corner from Strawberry Fields, where we’d wanted to head anyway to take a photo.

We sat down for about an hour, relaxing as Dixie drug herself as much as she could reach while on her leash. I’ll have to get her a very long one so she can run around and still be attached. Two bigger dogs came in and she was quickly romping around with them, only stopping to frequently chew on and eat some grass (yummmmm!).

Finally when she was tired and we were a little itchy from the grass, we set off for our destination, Shake Shack. Poor Dix had to go back into hiding but that burger, those fries, and our shakes made it all appropriate. Definitely plan on taking advantage of the park more before cooler temps arrive.

By the way, these fabulous photos were taken by Rio. He wanted to try out his new camera and I told him he should get some action practice with my squirly girly. I think he proved he’s got it under control!


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