quiche me

I went through a long screening process for a focus group on Friday (they oh so wanted me), but didn’t catch it was on my thirtieth birthday. I mean, I could use the extra cash, but not the best of timing eh?

Anyhow, I had to go through and provide a statement with lots of adjectives that described who I am on the outside and inside. She said I could use metaphors, whatever. I realized just how much a writer I am in that I was fumbling at “um uhhhh”, especially seeing as I was in the midst of a royal work crisis. At their encouragement, I wrote it out and read it back to them, before finding out I couldn’t even participate it. Darn. Regardless, they told me I had the best statement (do I get a sticker?). I figured I could at least share it with you guys…

“I’m like a savory quiche – organized and nicely assembled on the outside but with a flavorful mix of salty and sweet on the inside. Well thought out but at the same time, very much not dull.”

How would you describe yourself in a string of adjectives?


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