tj obsessions

My current addictions would be…

Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Green Tea with mint is fabulous. I just took a gamble the other day since I actually could manage to lug it back and it is so darn good. Definitely better than any green tea I’ve ever brewed (and I’ve surely tried) and the mint is present, but subtle. Yummers.

Luna Bar’s Dulce de Leche bar is sooooo good. And it really does somehow taste like dulce de leche. Heaven in a bar! I had to go get more. I recommend either buying them at Trader Joe’s or Bed Bath and Beyond, where they are $0.99. Much better than the $1.50-$2+ foolishness I’ve seen elsewhere around Manhattan. Of course, I know you can buy them in bulk, but my favorites aren’t included in the assortment. Other recommendations are Chocolate Raspberry (an oh so close second to the dulce) and Iced Oatmeal Cookie. Even my fab friend Yosh said he braves the looks to buy him some of the dulce bars. Very much worth the commitment. Give it a try and see if you disagree!


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