dixie diaries: cupcakes & pupcakes

Pupcakes & Cupcakes - shes *my* prize worthy pooch!

Pupcakes & Cupcakes - she's *my* prize worthy pooch!

So I learned about this contest sort of after the fact. While my friend was here, the Tour Guide, we ended up as I mentioned over at Baked by Melissa, in need of a late afternoon post brunch snack. Mini cupcakes were our magic answer. We found them so cute. They packed so much flavor in such a seemingly nonexistent package. I was taking pictures (as I always do of food) and snapped a couple of quick photos with my point and shoot, and even more with my iPhone – not the best of resolution and definitely not anything I’d have chosen to use if I were planning to submit anything in to a competition. But after the fact, I learned of their contest closing in a few days to submit in a creative photo which showed their product in your shot. The one of Dixie was just too cute not to at least get submitted in. I worked on the photo a bit, sent it before the jury (AKA several kind friends and family who were willing to look at multiple iterations of the same shot), and then sent it in. I was hopeful we’d prevail – win a cash prize or at least the minimum prize of 100 cupcakes (magic I tell you to someone whose birthday is approaching), but we didn’t quite make the cut… sniff sniff. We are in the earlier part of the entries showcased if you go on their site. I’ve included the picture here. Click here to see all of the winners. Well done – I actually really like the sushi shot by the second place winner. Very nice!


3 thoughts on “dixie diaries: cupcakes & pupcakes

  1. Thanks! I think Dixie’s a cutie, but I’m also a little bit biased… I have this picture up now at work.

    My co-workers have photos of their children. Me? My dog!

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