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So I mentioned last night that I’ve been holding out on some of my yummy food photography from my South Florida trip based on a project I had been working on. It’s so much easier than people realize to pull together a more personal photo album. I had all of my photos printed at my usual spot, Pro Image Photo. Never had any issue there – they do good work and offer matte finish (a must have for me). In this case, the most difficult part was finding a good spot in Manahattan to get a 5×7 album. In prior attempts while in South Florida or in Alabama, it was never a problem to find this standard size. As I scoured book stores, photo stores, and Hallmark stores even here in New York, it seemed impossible.

Finally, I found a fabulous store called Paper Presentation in the Flatiron District. It’s amazing. It has all different sorts of papers (stationary, envelopes, tissue paper, etc), full scrapbooking supplies, photo albums, even various types of packaging. They had a wonderful assortment of 5×7 albums and I was able to find a very nice leather one with a snap closure. Perfect!

Cover of the Finished Album

Cover of the Finished Album

Intro Page - South Florida Collage

Intro Page - South Florida Collage


Sample Album Page

Sample Album Page

The album was a big success. Definitely a nice way to pull together something personal and nice when putting together a gift for a friend, family, and the like.

Stop by my Flickr account to see more of my Florida foodie adventures. I’ll likely be sharing more over here as well though over time.


2 thoughts on “crafty photos

  1. I was curious if you’d been there. LOVE! I saw there was also a packaging store of sorts a few doors down. I was beginning to think stores like this didn’t exist in NYC. Thankfully not the case…

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