last beach day in the north

I’m hopeful I’ll be making a trip to Miami to enjoy the sand between my toes when snow is on the ground here, but aside from that, I headed out to Long Island to Long Beach on Saturday to enjoy what will be my last beach trip for a while. Why I only just tried to do this on Saturday in September, I don’t know as I now wish I’d done this much more often throughout the summer (this year AND the year prior). Live and learn. I’ll get a hang of day trip potentials in the area eventually.

I was out late on Friday, so had barely had any sleep when my alarm went off to signal it was time to throw on my suit and hightail it out of my house to Penn Station to catch the LIRR (Long Island Railroad). I encountered a lovely snaking line running back from each of the machines to purchase your tickets, but thankfully was still able to make my train as planned. It was I believe $15.50 (round trip) and would be another $10 to get onto the beach once I arrived into Long Beach. Not half bad!

The beach was definitely not the lovely clear and crisp turquoise of say Destin and the water, as I’ve found to be typical to any beach not in the Gulf of Mexico, was a bit of a jolt to my system. It was however not ridiculously crowded and it was, afterall, a beach!

It was fabulous to just relax on the sand, occasionally getting up to dip my toes into the water. Otherwise, I was reading up on recipes (in preparation for a meal I’m possibly going to cook this upcoming weekend – stay tuned) and trying to polish off Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential”. I went on a nice long walk along the boardwalk, observing that the dirty old men must all migrate to Long Island rather than remain in the borroughs of NYC. I had one 45-50 year-old-man stalking me for a good 15 minutes, and then similarly encountered a sixty-something year-old man doing the same. Random.

Before heading back, I treated myself to a fabulous meal at the Coastal Grill (review to follow) and then fell into a deep sleep for the entire ride back, almost missing my stop at Penn. I would have been highly cranky if I’d woken up in Brooklyn! It was a lovely relaxing way to spend the day. It was a total “me” day, which doesn’t happen enough.

Did you do anything special with your long weekend?


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