dixie diaries: labor day

i keep small children in line - rar!

i keep small children in line - rar!

Monday, I packed up a bag, the same towel I drug out to Long Beach (those things take up too much space to have more than one), some pee pads, and some treats and Dixie and I headed out to Central Park.

It was a perfect day. Just cool enough that we walked all over and Little Miss Priss never got so winded as to plop down and refuse to walk. Perhaps this is the silver lining to fall’s arrival. The funny thing though was that there was an extraordinary number of rollerbladers, people on scooters, and skateboarders, all maaaaajor hot buttons for Miss Dix. She would start into a mad fit of barking (occasionally progressing into snarling – yikes) and I’d have to swoop in and force her to simmer down. Secretly though I thought it was kind of funny. Made me think of that scene from Big Daddy… you know the one where Adam Sandler and the kid are trying to make the skateboarders or rollerbladers bottom out? Haha…..

just a pup - sitting there, asking for a bite of a dawg...

just a pup - sitting there, asking for a bite of a dawg...

I eventually sprawled out and began to read, and just put the loop of Dixie’s leash around my ankle to sort of tether her to something. This worked great while she was putzing around (more like scarfing down grass, but whatever) but when the kids would run by, I found myself bracing as she’d take after them in a tear. Not only does my dog wish to protect me from the likes of strangers in the hall who are potential would-be intruders, but she’s also going to protect me from the insane, crazed 5-7 year-olds in Central Park. That, my friends, is love.

I thought my day had peaked. I’d had my fabulous hot dog, massive tub of French fries, and fountain Diet Coke. I was planning on relaxing a bit more and then taking off to head home and call it an early night when my sister called a little before 4. She was going to do a rooftop BBQ in Brooklyn 6ish and had forgotten to call. All the sudden Dix and I were Brooklyn bound.

one pooped pooch come 10pm!

one pooped pooch come 10pm!

We had BBQ chicken (sauce courtesy of Martha’s cookbook and my sister and her boyfriend’s hands!), carrots, and the fabulous finale, homemade peanut butter filled chocolate whoopie pies. Swoon. We sat on the rooftop, a bit chilly but bearable and with such a fabulous view. The little mighty Webber was in full force this evening. It was a fabulous way to spend one of those final few nights outdoors. Fall is fast approaching, for sure.


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