never forget

9-11 Memorial, Union Square

9-11 Memorial, Union Square

Today it was everywhere. All over the news, with people jolted to alert this morning as the coverage ran as if it were live. I remember that morning, sitting in my room at the sorority house back in Mississippi getting ready for class. I remember the coverage coming on without warning. No grasp as to what they could possibly be showing.

I was so far from it. So removed. And yet, I think it’s forever present in the city. Something you feel daily. My coworkers have told stories of how they once worked in the World Trade Center. How your pen would roll down your desk at around floor 98. How thankful they were that our offices had not remained there. I never visited Manhattan when the two tall towers dominated downtown. Our offices used to be not too far from there still, and I would shiver every morning as the R and W line ran through the Cortlandt Street stop – right underneath the site – which is still yet to be re-opened.

Today I walked through the subway station at Union Square and noticed the little stickers with names all along the wall. Had they been there before? I don’t think so, but today there were little things everywhere. Reminders. I think it’s important to find some peace in the midst of such a senseless act. And so in a country where the most important thing this week has been division over whether or not our President can encourage school children to stay in school we, if only for a day, came together. Unified. Standing together in resolve to do all possible to prevent something along these lines happening again.

Tomorrow the unity will begin to fade. Other things will pull us in different directions. But we have this one day together today to unite us behind all we feel this country offers that’s worth fighting for. And we’ll always remember.


2 thoughts on “never forget

  1. I was in downtown Manhattan the day it happened. The first building fell while I was still on Canal Street. The second while I was walking over 100 city blocks home. It happened on 13th & 6th, the huge crowd I was a part of turned silently en masse, watched it fall within itself, and then turned silently and continued the march uptown.

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