washington sq park

Today was absolutely gorgeous – a nice change from the rest of my pre-b’day weekend, which was lots of mistiness if not full out rain. It was warm as we headed over for brunch and only proceeded to get warmer as the hours passed after noon. We ended up sitting in Washington Square Park after we passed by Sarah Jessica Parker (!!!), looking very no-frills and I do believe sans make-up.

We sat down though and watched. There was a group playing hackey sack, and they were very much serious about it too. There were multiple string ensembles, one including some 4 guitars and 3 banjos, playing in their respective pockets of the park. Girls were lying on the grass, soaking in what could very well be the last warm weekend day for a very long time.

And then there was the fountain. There was a sign prominently saying “no dogs”, but there was no mention of kids… When we got there, there were several children running around the fountain, having a blast. There was one lady who had her Portuguese water dog in there, but I was too slow to grab a picture. Soon though there were people of all ages jumping in for a dip. And here I was thinking Manhattan didn’t have public pools, envying my DC days of free pool access. Between the lady in her bikini and the fountain, I think problem could be solved.

It was a perfect way to unwind after a busy weekend. And to relax a bit before tomorrow’s second round of festivities.


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