pumpkin hummus

Into the Blender...

Into the Blender...

Nothing says fall to me like pumpkin anything and everything. Although I will admit it drives me nuts that pumpkin is season as I could eat it year round (which is why someone – ehem me – will be buying a bunch of cans before Christmas arrives). When I was thinking of something additional which would be good for football munchies, hummus came to mind and pair it with pumpkin? I thought that could be an interesting variation. I followed this recipe which I found on MyRecipes. I learned the hard way that before October, you can only find Libby’s pumpkin pie mix in a can, not simply pumpkin. Thankfully, I could buy the more expensive organic variety at Whole Foods. I’m guessing they have it all year long, but not sure.

Adding the parsley

Adding the parsley

This was one of the easiest things I’ve ever made. It kind of makes me wonder why I’ve been buying hummus all this time? The recipe included toasting some pitas in the oven. If I was doing an event here, I would have done it. But rather than add that to the stash of stuff to take over to the party, I went with just some Stacy’s pita chips. I was not sure if the pumpkin would be an odd flavor, especially when you are adding tahini paste, ground red pepper, and garlic, but it is good. It tastes like dip in Fall form. I highly recommend. It’s so easy and it’s such a nice touch!

End product!

End product!


11 thoughts on “pumpkin hummus

  1. Sarah, I’m so excited you know the specifics of the pumpkin-at-Whole-Foods-situation! I will definitely take advantage of hitting them up then year ’round.

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