cupcakes 4 a cause

This Thursday, Social Media for Social Change (SM4SC) s coordinating a wonderful fundraiser benefitting the American Cancer Society. For only $2 (or $1 if you’re wearing yellow in support of the cause), you can support a great cause, meet great professionals in NYC, and have a wonderful sweet treat. What’s better than that? It’s just on the heels of last week’s Cupcake Week, so if you missed out last week, you’re in luck as your extension has arrived!

I’ve already bought a big container of flour and almost all of the ingredients for my contribution. I was just going to attend but thought this would be a perfect reason to put on my baking hat and pull out my Halloween cupcake decorations. A batch of double maple cupcakes coming right up – with post and photos to follow.

Click here to read more about the event and to support this great cause. Off to try to find some maple flavoring…


3 thoughts on “cupcakes 4 a cause

  1. Haha – I make *no* apologies for cupcakes! And now that I finally found some maple flavoring (the oddest things are impossible to find in NYC), the cupcakes will go on 🙂

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