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Boqueria - SoHo

Boqueria - SoHo

I’d been curious about Boqueria for a while. There are two locations in Manhattan – one in the Flatiron District and another in SoHo. I’d read great things about their tapas (which I still want to try) but it was their brunch which finally brought me there. It’s named for a market in Barcelona and focuses on food from several if Spain’s regions, especially highlighting the Cataluña region. Usually I walk by to see their Flatiron location overflowing with patrons waiting for a table. This Saturday though their SoHo location was very subdued. Seemed the rain had kept people away for some reason.

Cojonudo, Boqueria

Cojonudo, Boqueria

I liked the preparation area in the front right of the restaurant, where from the street you could see the workers marinating and preparing their different types of olives. My friend started with an order Cojonudo, which was fried quail eggs and chorizo on toast. They came out looking perfect, served topped with a chorizo. I think all my brunch days may eventually force me to expand my options to eggs. I’m starting to feel like I’m missing out. He said they were great and that I couldn’t miss the chorizo. I would go back just for that chorizo. It had a distinct smoky flavor, with just the right amount of saltiness remaining on your tongue after you take a bite.

Buckwheat Pancakes with Seasonal Fruit, Boqueria

Buckwheat Pancakes with Seasonal Fruit, Boqueria

I felt a little guilty for not being more adventurous, but couldn’t resist the buckwheat pancakes, which were served with fresh seasonal fruit and syrup They were very good, though I think I’d elect to branch out next time as I think I missed out on what Boqueria excels at. For dessert, we couldn’t resist the churros. They were light and a bit crispy. Only thing they were missing were dulce de leche. Here’s hoping that’s an addition coming soon to the menu. I’ll definitely be back for tapas. Some of that chorizo, some cheese, and their sangria sounds like a perfect combination.

Boqueria – 171 Spring Street (between W Broadway and Thompson) – 212.343.4255 – Reservations Optional


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