I love brunch. LOVE brunch. It’s my favorite meal. Take breakfast options, push ’em back into “normal hours” you’d prefer on a weekend, add in some menu options, perhaps a bread basket of items here and there on the house, maybe a little combo deal including in coffee/tea and a mimosa/bellini/or bloody mary, maybe even a little live jazz… How can you beat that?

The downside for me has always been eggs. Ick. I’ve never liked them. Always say the only way I like my eggs are combined with milk to make French toast or hidden deep within the interior of a cake of any variety. I’ve learned though that I’m really limiting my brunch potential here. I do like Tortilla Española and I’ve learned quiches are pretty darn tasty. And what’s the fun of being a restaurant critic if you aren’t up for a little adventure?

So this Sunday, I’m taking the egg plunge. Bring it on. I’m thinking an omelette is a good “starter” egg dish. Especially when considering all of the options out there.

I was curious for all of you out there… how do you like your eggs? And when it comes to omelettes, what are your favorite ingredients?


5 thoughts on “egg-straordinary

  1. Eggs are amazing — one of my favorite foods.

    I like my eggs over easy with a side of toast for dipping.

    As for omelettes, I perfer mine egg whites only. I like the ingredients to shine — spinach, feta and some onions are choices du jour.

    Let me know how it goes!!

  2. I’m not really an egg fan either. Every once and awhile, but that is it. Omelets aren’t too bad. Lots of other flavors in them.

  3. The restaurant we’re going to actually has a lot of options on omelettes. I’m contemplating one with chorizo, manchego, and spinach. I figure if I pull together enough things I love (see chorizo… see manchego…) then the eggs might be more secondary. Here’s to hoping 🙂 And a story on the flipside.

  4. You have a fun site and I am a girl raised in the south who happens to love NYC, visit when I can, usually once a year and have lots of friends there. Take care!
    Happy Twirls

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