dish buzz: pequeña

Pequeña - Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Pequeña - Fort Greene, Brooklyn

A few months back, I wrote a glowing review of Pacifico, I even went so far as to state I thought I’d found my go-to Mexican restaurant. However, it’s rumored there was a change in management (if so, it has not been kind to Pacifico) and my subsequent trips there have been very disappointing. When my sister and I walked by Pequeña in Fort Greene on a rainy Sunday, I couldn’t resist trying their brunch. Maybe they wouldn’t disappoint. Pequeña is appropriately named. It’s a cozy space which has a glassed on room in the front, which would be a great place to sit if it weren’t for the rain (it’s a little leaky). They were busy but we didn’t have to wait more than 15 minutes for a table.

Chilaquiles - Pequeña

Chilaquiles - Pequeña

There were so many great looking options on the menu. We started with an order of their chips and chipotle salsa. $4 well spent. The salsa had a bottom layer of diced tomatoes and seasoning and was topped by a warm smoky chipotle salsa. It had some kick and is probably the best salsa I’ve found in the city. Since we couldn’t make up our minds, we chose to get a couple of things and split the dishes. My sister ordered the cheese enchiladas, which came accompanied with a Mexican yellow rice. Like the salsa, the red sauce also had some kick. They also didn’t skimp on the cheese, which is crucial. I’d never had chilaquiles, but the description sounded intriguing. Instead of the red sauce, it came served with the salsa verde atop a bed of crispy tortilla chips. Somehow they’d managed to keep the tortillas from getting too soggy. The sauce was puréed, placed over shredded chicken, with a smattering of Oaxaca cheese melted on top. It was a huge dish. I was just sad I couldn’t finish more of it. This is not on their regular menu though, so I believe it is a brunch only offering.

I highly recommend checking out Pequeña. If you need extra incentive to head to Brooklyn, note that the Target is just around the corner… Note, cash only, so hit the ATM machine beforehand.

Pequeña – 86 South Portland Avenue (at Lafayette Avenue) – 718.643.0000


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