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First of all, my apologies for the delay in getting this post up. It’s only been two weeks since the Chocolate Festival, right? It’s been a busy couple of weeks though. I’m spending all of my free time consumed with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, which for me is more like finish up last year’s work month). Thankfully, I’m on target for that at this point – 20,276 words and counting. I’ve also been sick. Never fun. Anyhow, no more excuses.

When some friends wanted to get together a group to check out the NYC Chocolate Show, I was all for it. I’ve never been, but have always heard it was a great way to get to see all of the areas chocolate vendors underneath one roof. It’s spread out over three days, so just one weekend of chocolate bliss. Upon walking in, one of the things I found most interesting at the NYC Chocolate Show were the dresses done fully in chocolate. They were very impressive, and were on display in the entrance to the event.



The Wicked Witch of Chocolate

The Wicked Witch of Chocolate

The big chocolate craze at the moment is chocolate bacon. Some love it, some hate it, and some are waiting skeptically in the wings. I’ve gotta tell you, love it. Chocolate? GOOD. Bacon? GOOD. Chocolate bacon? SO MUCH GOOD. This vendor, Christopher Michael, had chocolate bacon bars which were made of bacon, smoked sea salt, popping candy (<- genius), and chocolate. When you take a bite, it’s almost like the sea salt is the popping candy. Unlike some of the vendors which essentially had bacon dipped in chocolate, this one was more subtle. Very well done. If you’ve held off skeptical on this one, take a chance. This is one of the recent crazes I’ve firmly caved to. Come and visit me and you can try a square!

There were seriously almost 50 different vendors there at the Metropolitan Pavillion, the majority of which had free samples. We tried chocolate made from camel’s milk (amazing – very creamy without any filler to get that effect), truffles, milky chocolate liquors, chocolate covered fruits, you name it. It was a chocolate induced coma, leaving you begging for sight of a vendor selling the next best thing at this point, H2O. I was very excited to see Peanut Butter & Co as we reached the end of the vendors, with their fabulous white chocolate peanut butter and (gasp) many new offerings, including a honey one called “Bee’s Knees” (cute) and a maple one called “Mighty Maple”. The samples of peanut butter were a nice way to change up all of the chocolate samples – even though we weren’t completely over the chocolate.

I was all about the guy they had dressed up as a monkey though. So cute and maybe it was the chocolate, but I may have done a little dance with the monkey. Who said characters are just for children, right? We made a friend, for sure.

Group Shot with the Peanut Butter & Co Monkey

Group Shot with the Peanut Butter & Co Monkey

This display below? Very appropriate to encounter as you were en route to the exit completely maxed out on chocolate. It was a fun way to spend the day after Halloween. The regular pricetag of entry is a bit steep, so not sure it’ll be an annual event for me, but interesting to check out nonetheless.

Death by Chocolate for sure!

Death by Chocolate for sure!


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