canine hoover, mia (like me!)

Relaxing in Bama, AKA "Doggie Retreat"

For the month of December, my dog Dixie has flown South for the winter. Or drove I guess is more appropriate… my parents drove her back down with them after Thanksgiving and she’ll fly back with me after Christmas, following my much needed week and a half dose of the South! I can’t wait for the break, downtime with my family, and seizing my parent’s MASSIVE kitchen. I’m bringing home a bunch of recipes, so I’ll definitely be cooking those days away. In the coming  month though, I’m a little sad my apartment is empty, with no help from my four-legged buddy on clean-up. I am looking forward to two of my favorite Bama ladies gracing me with their presence over the next couple of weeks – the Fashionista this weekend and the lovely MsWT next weekend. (psssst… Roll Tide!)

I was going to include a slideshow of DixPix, but apparently WordPress has disabled all fun bells & whistles from Flickr (what gives WP?), so click here for more. Or you can follow her shenanigans on Twitter!

Second time winner - yay!

I’ve been horrible about posting this past month on here, having been entirely consumed with National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). November is definitely one of the more complex months for them to have dubbed it the annual NaNoWriMo month, but thankfully was able to pull through successfully again with a win. After spending to NaNoWriMos on the same work, I think it’s finally almost done! I’ll be spending the next month editing it hopefully into a finished draft. I’m taking a non-fiction book proposal writing class in January, and then I’ll begin the journey to see if I can find any takers on this piece of work that’s consumed so much of my time.

I’m very backlogged on restaurant reviews and have lots of pictures to download from Thanksgiving to post over here along with a recipe or two, so more to come shortly. I’ve also decided to go back to sprinkling this with non-food-related stuff too, because that’s just who I am. Hope you guys are okay with that… And, of course, that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! What did you do for the holiday? Eat anything fabulous?


4 thoughts on “canine hoover, mia (like me!)

  1. OMG I love it and Dixie looks SO cute!!! Do you know Dee? She is Purple Labs Social Media Power House she has a Yorkie that is getting ready to meet a Mrs Yorkie and I get one of the puppies – hoping it’s a boy haha!

  2. Hello there Sandy! Dixie and I look forward to checking out your Thanksgiving – especially since it sounds like you support the essentials (football & food!). Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Kimmie, you have the Yorkie connections, don’t you? Haha. I don’t know Dee yet. Is she helping on the Get-Kimmie-a-Yorkie project? 🙂

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