roll tide! sec champs

I love watching Alabama games at the Alabama bar in Manhattan. You’d almost never know that you’re in NYC, surrounded in a sea of crimson and white, pom poms flying overhead, and thick accents permeating the crowd. Love it!! This year I bought my first Alabama shirt for the occasion…

My Crimson & White

My Crimson & White

I’d previously seen games at Mercury Bar, but this was my first time at the new bar, the Ainsworth. It was more roomy, but also seemed to have attracted people just wanting to watch the game in general, even a few in Florida jerseys. Hmmm. Thankfully I’d already left my coats at the coat check and made my way in well before the snow arrived, and the second wave of the crowd. By kick-off, the snow was falling harder and there was a line to get into the bar extending back to more than 50 people.

The game itself was quite a shock. I was expecting a tight game, and while the tension was definitely present throughout, it was good to see the team play so well. Football in the South? Truly an institution!

Mobile and Huntsville Meet Manhattan

Mobile and Huntsville Meet Manhattan

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend as well, and staying warm. Brrrrr. I’m about to happily crawl under the covers. Can’t wait.


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