ten in 10: ten weeks to healthy in 2010

It’s a whole new year. My goal, which seems to be an eternal goal, is to cook more at home. And RecipeGirl’sTen in 10” challenge is going to help me do just that. I’ve realized I am wasting the vast majority of the pages in my cookbook – flipping straight to the desserts, occasionally glancing at the appetizers, but never pausing much at all to look at the main courses or veggie dishes. So so bad. So, that’s going to change up a bit. At least for 10 weeks. Let’s see how this goes…

So once a week for the next ten weeks, I am going to make a well-balanced meal at home. On my own. I’m going to check out the local market for what’s in season and try to figure out what the heck to do with it all. Some of it might not come out so good, but I’m reminding myself that’s how learning anything goes. And as a nod to where my heart lies, I’ll do it all in my new retro-styled cupcake apron. It’s only right. Off to peruse recipes for the first week. I’m thinking some cooking with parchment paper is in order. And maybe something involving kale? The world is my oyster… or at least the fresh veggie section in the market shall be…

It’s not too late to join in if you’re interested! Gotta say, I’m sad to see no one has signed on from two of my states, Alabama and Mississippi. Hopefully some of you guys will see this and hop on board.


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