cupcakes – game ON!

Butter Lane - East Village

Butter Lane - East Village

This morning, I found a comment from Maria at Butter Lane on my post I did back on October 19th on my experience at Butter Lane’s cupcake class. I haven’t hidden the fact that Butter Lane’s my favorite, after having tried most of the variations Manhattan (and beyond) have to offer. I like their’s in large part because they aren’t crazy overwhelmingly sweet and, as much as possible, they try to keep their flavors all-natural – something I find noticeable in the flavor of their cupcakes. You can even get coffee there if you desire. What more could you need?

Cupcake Spread - Butter Lane

Cupcake Spread - Butter Lane

If you aren’t sold yet, just wait. Listen up. They’re running a special/contest! Anyone who comes into Butter Lane and mentions you saw them on my blog, Grits in the City, gets two for one cupcakes Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays through the month of February (limit two per day). At the end of the month, the blogger with the most mentions wins a dozen cupcakes! Something in it for you, something in it for me, it’s a win win.

As extra incentive, if I were to win, I hereby promise to use the winning dozen to put together a humorous series of pictures and videos (likely involving Dixie as well) for your amusement. Did I mention win win? I hope you guys will play along!
Need a recommendation? Might I suggest peanut butter on banana, espresso on chocolate, or raspberry on chocolate for starters? As you try them, please come here and leave your thoughts on flavors. I’m sure others will appreciate it. Now, let’s CUPCAKE!
Time to dig in ;)

Time to dig in 😉


5 thoughts on “cupcakes – game ON!

  1. LG, let me know if you need a buddy 🙂

    Athena, thanks. Hope you’ll swing back by! And looking at your blog, I think I need to finally knock Chikalicious Dessert off of my must-try list. It’s been there for way too long.

  2. Living a block away is dangerous! I usually get the banana cupcake. The frostings I’ve had are blueberry, raspberry, cream cheese, cinnamon, maple, sea salted chocolate, pistachio, and i’m probably forgetting a bunch. They are all incredible!

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