clinton st baking company – pancake month!

Chocolate & Blood Orange Pancakes - Clinton St Baking Co

Chocolate & Blood Orange Pancakes - Clinton St Baking Co

For those of you in NYC, if you haven’t already seen me tweeting right and left about this, it’s Clinton Street Baking Company’s annual pancake month. Ahhh the pros of February. Doesn’t sound appealing yet? What about chocolate & blood orange pancakes with a candied orange glaze? No (well, I thought they were yummy)? How about fresh blackberries, pecan streusel, and warm maple butter? Or maybe chocolate chunks, fresh raspberries, and raspberry-caramel sauce is more your speed?

At any rate, we’ve still go over half of the month to go. Check out their pancake line-up over on the main page of their website. They offer their pancakes in the evening, which means you can escape the crazy lines you inevitably encounter when you try Clinton Street during brunch hours (oh no – don’t do it!). At night, you can either go with their pancake of the day or their yummy staple, blueberry pancakes. Note they’re open during the week from 8am – 4pm with a couple of hours break before reopening at 6pm. Be sure not to miss out on the paper baggies sitting on the table close to the hostess stand when you leave. Complimentary scones from that day’s breakfast makes a wonderful treat for the following day!

Clinton Street Baking Company – 4 Clinton Street (at East Houston) – 646.602.6263
No Reservations
Pancake month runs all through February!


3 thoughts on “clinton st baking company – pancake month!

  1. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been dying to go to the Clinton Street Baking Company for a while now and this whole pancake month has me making plans to go after work. I know these pancakes will be worth the bellyache and pounding head that comes with being gluten intolerant.

  2. Oh no! Didn’t know on the gluten intolerance. Well, definitely some of the best pancakes I’ve had in a while! And a perfect way to avoid their brunch line. My other fave of theirs is their fried chicken. They do it juuuust right!

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