Saraghina - Bedford Stuyvesant

Saraghina - Bedford Stuyvesant

A few months back, I finally made it out with a friend to visit Saraghina, a relatively new addition to the Brooklyn pizza scene. From the exterior, I didn’t know what to think. It looked like a no-frills, unimpressive, family restaurant perhaps. It’s in the middle of the neighborhood. Very unassuming. If I didn’t know of it as I was walking by, I might have not known to stop. But thankfully I knew.

I actually arrived in around 4pm on a Sunday, which I learned means you’re sort of too late for brunch (not that we were planning on brunch anyhow – it’s all about pizza, yes) but it’s too early for the full range of options from the kitchen for the dinner menu, which they begin to serve at 6. The service in this awkward window was a bit spotty – mainly seeing as there was not a lot of action in the dining room and us being there seemed to throw them off a bit. We finally ran down the server to get a half carafe of the house wine as we perused the menu and we were back on track.

Capocollo Pizza - Saraghina

Capocollo Pizza - Saraghina

The menu in the restaurant is exactly what you see on their website – no explanation. I was lucky my friend had dined there several times so I could get a more detailed explanation of the ingredients. The proscuitto and funghi pizza was highly recommended, but we ultimately went with the capocollo. Capocollo is a type of Italian ham which I’d never tried before and really enjoyed. The meat was not fatty and chewy (major plus) and had a nice spicy kick to it. The pizza, as is the case for all of their pies, was thin crust, slightly browned on the bottom. It was just the perfect amount to share between two (although I can see if you had someone who was a heavier eater, you might be pushing it to make it work).

Fruit Tarts - Saraghina

Fruit Tarts - Saraghina

For dessert, my friend was curious about their tarts they’d had out as she had tried them before. They told us that those were a part of their brunch, but they could bring a couple of slices out for us. The tarts, one apricot and one raspberry, were very fresh and a nice simplistic dessert offering. I also ordered their tiramisu, where I thought they managed to take an occasionally heavy dessert and give it a lighter twist. I’d recommend skipping the coffee on their dessert menu and instead heading a few doors down to Therapy Wine Bar. Try the chocolate pinotage. You won’t regret it.

Saraghina might be a bit of a journey out from Manhattan, but I really liked it. It didn’t feel like another busy restaurant in the city, nor did it feel like just your average pizza place. The ingredients were authentic, unique, and the pizza is one of my recent faves. If you’re up for trying something new, I recommend giving Saraghina a go. And bring your cash with you… it’s of course cash only.

Saraghina – 435 Halsey St (between Marcus Garvey Blvd & Lewis Ave) – 718.574.0010
Cash Only ~ No Reservations


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