easter sweets & holiday treats

I admit it. I associate holidays with food. Always have. But I suspect many of you do as well. There are certain holidays though I associate with sweets – namely Halloween, Easter, and Valentine’s Day. Each have their pros and cons. Let me explain…

  • Halloween
    Pros: Fun costumes, candy corn, pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks
    Cons: Girls inappropriately dressed half-naked in costume
  • Valentines Day
    Pros: Mass quantities of chocolate available at every corner
    Cons: Mass assumption by marrieds/couples that the singles think life isn’t worth living.
    Pros: The con validating your right to consuming said box of candy. (And wine.)
  • Easter
    Pros: Cadbury mini-eggs, return of warm(ish) weather, Peeps, little girls in cute frilly dresses, Cadbury mini-eggs (did I mention that already?)
    Cons: The occasional crisp Easter day when mother nature isn’t quite onboard with the dresses noted above as a pro.


I think that’s why I like Easter the most. Balancing out the pros and cons, it just wins. In my opinion. Hands down. It corresponds with things coming back to life – restaurants peeling back those extra winter doorways in favor of dusting off the sidewalk tables. Putting the dark greens, mustard yellows, and blacks in favor of lilac, pinks, and soft yellows. It’s like you can breathe again… okay well, if you’re like me and have killer allergies, that’s up for debate.

This year, I saw a fun addition to the sweets selection for Easter. Dark chocolate covered Peeps. Mind = blown. If for nothing else than disecting it apart, I couldn’t resist adding this into my Gristedes run (primarily ingredients for our group homemade sushi party).

Dark Chocolate Covered Peeps - What to Think?

Dark Chocolate Covered Peeps - What to Think?

Peeping the Inside!

Peeping the Inside!

I really liked this! Unlike regular Peeps, the chocolate covered ones are sold individually. Actually, I didn’t even see them sold as a packaged. I like this as it keeps you from becoming a mad Peep poppin’ fiend (don’t know anyone who would fall victim to such a travesty). Unlike regular Peeps, you couldn’t really notice that fabulous almost perforated surface feeling. I can’t tell if they just skip that with these (making them pseudo Peeps?) or if it got lost in the coating process. In the end, it tasted like another chocolate covered marshmallow, with the marshmallow being particularly tasty. Will I defect from Team Mini Eggs in favor of the Chocolate Covered Peep? Outlook doubtful, but I’d buy another one (or two).

What are your favorite Easter sweets?


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