Martha: Quick Screen Capture Panning the Studio Audience

Martha: Quick Screen Capture Panning the Studio Audience

Last Wednesday morning, I went with my sister to see a taping of the Martha Stewart show. That’s what everyone does to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, right? I feel like it’s one of those New York things you just have to take advantage of. My sister and I have gone to see tapings for Jon Stewart, John Oliver’s Stand-up Show (for Comedy Central), and Last Call with Carson Daly. They said to wear bright colors, so I obligingly pulled out my new bright yellow dress from Old Navy for the occasion. We weren’t picked to be closer to the stage though (the family who did were in from Dubai – cheaters, haha). We were seated towards the back, so you couldn’t see us for most of the show except I did make this quick pan of the audience here (captured thanks to Jenn Bee!).  The show made me want to go to Chicago (when it’s warm only) to try out Rick Bayless’ restaurants. It also gave me a fierce guacamole craving and made me want to buy some fun strappy sandals thanks to Martha’s shoe discussion during the Q&A with the audience after the show.

Post-Show & Ready for Lunch

Post-Show & Ready for Lunch

Afterwards, my sister and I decided to grab a bite for lunch nearby. The show had a list of “recommended” restaurants, which we perused even though Chelsea’s an area we know fairly well. My eyes though were immediately drawn to Co. Co! Finally. I’ve been meaning since it opened to make my way over to check out Co, but it just never seems to happen. Somehow I figured that 11:30AM on a weekday Wednesday would likely not be a problem to get a table for two – especially on a day where most people are in hot pursuit of chips, salsa, guacamole, tacos, and margaritas!

Co - Chelsea

Co - Chelsea

We learned they actually open at 11:30, so we were the first in the door. Our server was great and explained to us that the pies were not small, but that if we were ordering one, we should either split a salad or other starter or instead go with two. Good thing we didn’t go with a salad to start (keep reading). Instead we elected to start with an order of bread accompanied by Vermont butter. The butter was creamy and just slightly salty. Just enough to hold us over to the pizza.

Popeye (top) & Stracciatella (bottom) Pizzas - Co

Popeye (top) & Stracciatella (bottom) Pizzas - Co

For our pizzas, we chose Stracciatella, which was prepared with crushed tomato, black pepper, stracciatella, and arugula. My sister doesn’t eat meat and I almost steered us clear of this one, assuming that stracciatella was a type of meat (it sounds like it, right? Prosciutto, Mortadella, Soppressata, and … Stracciatella?). However turns out it’s a type of amazing creamy cheese. A cheese I do not know? Unacceptable and clearly a need to try this one out. More specifically, it’s a type of mozzarella.

The other pizza we went with was the Popeye, which was made with pecorino, gruyère, mozzarella, spinach, black pepper, and garlic. I’d never had gruyère on a pizza so I was curious to try it included in on the cheese blend for a pizza. I really loved the effect their oven had on this pizza. I’ve had pizzas before with spinach on it but I’ve never had it come out quite to this texture. It was almost crispy around the edges – so whereas I couldn’t stop picking off the arugula on the Stracciatella, I couldn’t get enough of the spinach.
If you like innovative pizzas with a thinner crust, I’d recommend you check out Co. Excellent food and great service. Pies run between $9 and $20.
Co – 230 Ninth Ave (at 24th Street) – 212.243.1105
Reservations Not Accepted

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