she who blogs – 3rd anniversary celebration

Just wanted to take a quick minute amidst all of the food fun to mention the third year anniversary of a fabulous network of female bloggers of which I’m a member – SheWhoBlogs. It’s a great group of ladies spanning the globe writing on a wide variety of topics. I’ve found them to be supper supportive of me personally and of my writing and this blog as well as a great community to bounce ideas off of regarding writing. In conjunction with the month’s celebrations, there are several contests going on with some great prizes – including a $100 Amazon gift certificate (not too shabby!). Some contests wrap up May 22nd, so it’s not too late to stop by and take a look. If you aren’t a member, it’s one I recommend.

I actually just visited with one of my fellow list members this week, Karina, who went with me to see Chelsea Handler at Radio City and then out to my friend’s birthday gathering in the East Village. She and our fearless leader, Frances, went to breakfast on Sunday morning, which I sadly had to miss since I participated in the AIDS Walk that morning. Take a moment and surf on over to check out the contests. If you feel so inclined, sign up for the group. I know I didn’t have any expectations when I signed up, and I’ve made some true friends along the way. You just never know!


2 thoughts on “she who blogs – 3rd anniversary celebration

  1. Thanks Frances. And definitely! Ms D is always happy for a reason to head out and about exploring 😀 Waving back from my cube in LIC!

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