la vuelta

La Vuelta - Long Island City

La Vuelta - Long Island City

I realized I’d forgotten my goal to continue exploring Long Island City, which was especially apparent as I saw my last LIC-related review, Five Star Punjabi, was back in August 2009. Oooops. I came across information about La Vuelta online, a restaurant featuring a mix of the staples of Latin American cuisine. The menu ranges from basics like quesadillas, empanadas, and skirt steak to less standard offerings such as paella, an ancho buttermilk fried chicken sandwich, and tamarind glazed chorizo.

Salmon Burger - La Vuelta

Salmon Burger - La Vuelta

We both chose to try something a little different, going with the seared salmon burger. It was prepared with baby spinach , onion, and roasted tomatoes. It’s typically served with a golden raisin mustard, but we thought the honey chipotle sauce served with the shrimp or chicken club sounded intriguing so we asked to switch for that instead. Next time, I think I’ll stick to their choice! The honey chipotle sauce was good, but was a tad sweet and runny, making it a mess to add to the sandwich. Additionally, it was a bit too spicy for the salmon.

The salmon burger itself was good, sandwiched between two fabulous lightly toasted buns. The patty was on the thicker side though, so I found it a too chewy for my preference at the center. The plantain chips which accompanied the sandwich were the highlight for me. I’ll disclose I absolutely love plantain chips. However, sometimes they are not salty enough… or not crunchy enough. La Vuelta got this balance just right. They were crispy enough to warrant the title of “chips”, and for that I salute them.

I’ll be back for sure, though likely will go with something other than the salmon burger. They do take-out, have a decent-sized outdoor patio, and were not super busy at lunch. Highly recommend.

La Vuelta – 10-43 44th Drive  – Long Island City – 718.361.1858


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