wild blueberry cafe

Wild Blueberry Cafe

Wild Blueberry Cafe

I’ll confess – I’m dreadfully behind. I have so many food photographs and so much content to be posted here. And there are lots of reasons behind that – some of which you’d find highly amusing and exciting if and when I get to the point of being able to share them (!!!). Hopefully soon…

In the interim, I wanted to share some of the fabulous stops along the road I made with my family on our recent trip up through New England and into Maine. I’d never been, so I was excited to see everything, and of course try any and every item on the menu which contained wild blueberries, crab, or lobster. One of our first stops crossing into Maine was the Wild Blueberry Cafe in Ogunquit, ME. It was super cute – quaint and the town itself was a very peaceful spot as well, bordered by a very natural beach I’m assuming is much more popular when it warms up versus the temperatures we found which were more in the 50s.

Wild Blueberry Pancakes

Wild Blueberry Pancakes

Out of all of the blueberry pancakes I tried (and I can’t say I turned them down until the very end – much love to Cracker Barrel, but I figured since I’d tried all of the local offerings up til then I could finally switch to oatmeal), I have to say those at Wild Blueberry Cafe were by far the best. They were sweet, but not overly done. And they were present throughout the pancakes, which were done just to a light golden brown. My only complaint, and to be fair this is not specific to this restaurant as it was something we found everywhere, was the surcharge for real maple syrup. Just not right. I did go ahead and splurge for the real deal. So worth it in the end, as always. The coffee I ordered to accompany was their own special blend – nice and strong – a perfect compliment to the pancakes. You can even purchase packes of the ground coffee to go if you like.

Wild Blueberry French Toast

Wild Blueberry French Toast

I will admit I was quite envious of my sister’s French toast. Just look at this. I usually prefer ordering the blueberry pancakes since the blueberries can be mixed into the batter. However, I think the French toast may rule here. The French toast was topped off with an overflowing portion of their house made wild blueberry compote. Definitely more blueberries for your buck. I highly recommend stopping by the Wild Blueberry Cafe if it’s along the route of your journey. After breakfast, you can even drive just  a bit further up the road and find yourself at the beach.

The front of the Wild Blueberry Cafe - all decorated for Memorial Day

The front of the Wild Blueberry Cafe - all decorated for Memorial Day

Wild Blueberry Cafe – 82 Shore Road, Ogunquit, ME -207.646.0990


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