wine tasting at entwine

Entwine - West Village

Entwine - West Village

Last night, I went with a group of my girlfriends and went and did a wine tasting at Entwine. We’d picked up their recent special on Scoop Street, which included tasting five different wines and a cheese plate for only $10. Amazing deal. The only catch was that the offer only was good for Wednesday or Thursday from 7PM ’til 9PM. When you walk in, you are in the bar area, just in front of the main seating area which is directly past the bar. The wine tasting though is in the downstairs area. Currently similar to the upstairs, it is actually in the process of being converted into a wine bar, and the upstairs will be the full bar area.

We began the tasting with a Portuguese rosé. I was skeptical, as were a couple of others in our group, and we were pleasantly surprised. It was subtle and not as overwhelmingly sweet as I feel some rosés are. It finished with a hint of pomegranate, which I found refreshing. We tried two riojas, one white and one red – both from Spain’s Basque region. Between Bourdain’s recommendation and the amazing wine, it’s confirmed I absolutely must go there (next?). The other two wines we tried were surprisingly from Georgia – and being from the South, I feel the need to confirm yes, as in the country not as in Atlanta. And it was amazing – very distinct. I don’t know that I can even compare it to anything else. Again, one was white and one was a slightly chilled red. We learned that behind Iraq, Georgia is actually one of the oldest wine-producing countries. I don’t know about you, but Iraq and Georgia aren’t at the top of my countries to associate with a nice glass of wine.

Cheese Plate - Entwine

Cheese Plate - Entwine

While they will not be doing this exact same deal, they are going to continue to do tastings – changing up the wines every two weeks. The sommelier even took on our challenge regarding Greek wines, as one of my friends insists she hates all Greek wines. We’re planning to head back in a couple of months when he’s promised he’ll have a Greek wine to make her recant her statement. Stay tuned. But if you’re interested, stop by the restaurant and inquire as they’re planning to make this a regular feature. The wines are unique and the sommelier is very knowledgeable and easy to speak with, making the tasting educational and very fun. Highly recommend.

Entwine – 765 Wahington Street (at W 12th) – 212.727.8765
Reservations recommended for parties of five or more


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