eggo – breakfast pizza

Eggo Real Fruit Pizzas

Eggo Real Fruit Pizzas

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I recently received a couple of Eggo’s Real Fruit Pizzas to try. They arrived very subtly into the office in a huge box, with the two little cardboard-boxed pizzas engulfed in dry ice. I was intrigued to try them, having grown up eating Eggo products, although self-admittedly they haven’t been my go-to breakfast item as of late.

Similar to many of the savory frozen pizza meals, the box also included a raised cardboard box with a circular heat-activated disc in the center to aid in the microwaving process. The pizzas themselves are a combination of fruit and warm toasted granola in one. The pizza crust is described as a combination of two main elements – cinnamon and maple. There are two flavors – strawberry granola and mixed berry granola.

Mixed Berry Granola - Eggo Real Fruit Pizza

Mixed Berry Granola - Eggo Real Fruit Pizza

Overall, the pizzas are a tad on the heavy side for me – but that’s just personal preference, as the only true “big” morning meals I tend to do are brunches and those typically span multiple hours. I thought the crust could have been more flavorful. I actually initially thought perhaps it was whole wheat, so was surprised to read it’s supposed to be maple/cinnamon. Overall though, interesting product. The first I can think of where there’s pizza or burrito option that doesn’t involve eggs, and for that Kellogg’s, I commend you. The product hit the shelves officially last month.

Has anyone else already tried them?


2 thoughts on “eggo – breakfast pizza

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