pretty good year

Birthday (Princess Sparkle) Balloons!

Birthday (Princess Sparkle) Balloons!

Yesterday was my birthday. Another year older. Hopefully another year wiser. It was a good one for the most part, filled with lots of wonderful memories with friends and meeting many new fabulous faces along the way. I did not have any big plans last night though since there was something else on the schedule that I was a tad focused on – the final class session for my trapeze IFW (Intensive Flying Workshop). Being the last one before our big show on Friday, I decided not even my birthday would keep me from going. So instead of a fancy dinner, karaoke, or something else along those lines, I ran through my two tricks in the remaining portion of my costume – orange tights, Big Bird leggings, and newly purchased yellow booty shorts.

It was ironic that the final class should fall on my birthday. Since last year was a milestone birthday of sorts, I had a list of things I wanted to do with my personal new decade. There were things I’d been afraid of … that I’d wanted to try sometime and yet never brought myself to do for various reasons. One of the things I’d been curious to try was trapeze, and it only took one trip to the rig one cold February day for me to be hooked!

Blowing out the cupcake candles

Blowing out the cupcake candles

The celebrations will follow – more to come this weekend and into next week. I’m a firm believer that birthdays are meant to at minimum be a multi-week if not a month-long reason to celebrate. Everytime I looked down at my phone yesterday, my inbox was flooded, with emails starting from 11:45PM the prior day up until even this morning. There were calls, texts, co-workers popping by my posh windowed-cube, presents in the mail, you name it. It felt good – wonderful if nothing else to have one day to see all of the names and faces of those to whom you are still linked in some fashion.

The day ended with our class at the rig and a virtual cupcake (and cookie) buffet – we had three boxes full of them for our 10 person class. Billy’s, Magnolia, and Crumbs were all represented! One of my classmates had brought in balloons. They put candles on the cupcakes and sang to us (myself and another classmate whose birthday was a few days prior) as we blew them out. It was a fun surprise. Having forgotten to eat prior to my 8:30PM class, you know what I had for dinner… Guilty as charged! Looking forward to the year ahead, and the fun celebrations around the corner to boot.


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