tsny birds show

Last night was my first Tuesday night in 10 weeks to not be at the rig. No chalk on my hands. No trick on my mind, or crazy spread of sweets to tempt me between my attempts taking off the board. Another set of classes began last night and this time around, I wasn’t there and it felt weird to be home. I found myself sad to know I’d wake up the next day without being slightly sore. And that I wouldn’t be kept up with the post-trapeze adrenaline high to which I’ve become so accustomed.

Friday night was the big finale. The final show, where we could each have a few friends/family cram into our little white tent, to watch us perform all dressed up in theme. Our theme this show was birds, so I frantically pulled together a Big Bird costume, spruced up by ostrich feathers from M&J Trimmings over by Bryant Park and paired with tights and booty shorts from American Apparel. I was nervous, having rarely caught one of my two tricks (the back-end straddle, my nemesis). However, it was all for naught, as it miraculously went off perfectly. Thanks so much to my super supportive friends and my sister who came out to watch the entire evening’s performance!

(more pictures and videos after the jump…)

It’ll be strange not to have a set Tuesday night activity, though fear not, I’m headed back to the rig tomorrow. And next time around, I’ll be signing up for another set of classes. Can’t wait…

Photos courtesy of the wonderful Angie McCaffrey of Entwined Studio. Click here for the full set of her shots.


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