three signs of fall

Over on SheWhoBlogs, a network of female bloggers of which I am a member, we’re doing a fall photo contest. We were asked what three things made us think of fall and one of our favorite fall photos. Me? My answers would be…

  1. College Football (SEC all the way – go Bama!)
  2. Leaves changing colors
  3. Tall boots and sweater dresses


Everything about this photo makes me think of fall. This is pumpkin chili and a pumpkin cornbread muffin. Pumpkins and leaves are my first two generic fall associations. As the temperatures drop off, people slowly begin to choose soups again, especially the heavier ones like chili. I like the browns, oranges, and yellows in the photo too – they practically scream fall.

What are your top three things you associate with fall?


6 thoughts on “three signs of fall

  1. I love me some pumpkin too.
    Now I’m thinking of a nice slice of pie with some fresh whipped cream.
    Sweater dresses are so comfy.
    Waving at you from the Upper West Side

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