thrilled to have danced

Pat Benatar and Michael Jackson

Pat Benatar and Michael Jackson

Monday morning, I was bummed. Not only did I have a horrible cough (more on that in a second), but I realized after two days of fun costumes I was back to dressing as … myself. After my voluminous wig from my costume for Sunday, my hair looked flat and just so boring.

For the past couple of weeks, some friends and I have been attending rehearsals to do the Thriller dance in NYC’s Halloween Parade. I’d never been to the parade in the Village and figured why just attend when I could be in it? We decided to not just be zombies, but to be 80s zombies. I’ve never done a scary take on Halloween, so thankfully we all got ready as a group, caking on white make-up and hollowing out our cheeks and eyes with gray and black, capping it all off with black lip stick. Oh and blood. Lots of liquid fake blood. My decision to wear a wig proved to be smart – as I didn’t have to worry about how my hair looked and it helped to keep me as warm as possible (which was sadly not so warm).

The parade route was long – running from Canal all the way north to West 16th I believe. Over the course of this distance, we did the dance numerous times – I lost count. We were mostly on the outside edge of the formation, which was the perfect spot for audience interaction. Sadly though it meant being excluded from most of the video footage (something to keep in mind for next year).

Unfortunately WordPress isn’t letting me imbed the video here, but if you click here you can see WPIX’s feature story on our group’s participation in the parade. If you watch carefully on the part where the zombies march side to side in the dance, you can see me for oh maybe a second. So much fun! We’re already planning our costumes for next year.

Having fun on the subway en route to the Halloween Parade

Having fun on the subway en route to the Halloween Parade

What were you for Halloween?


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