posto: an ode to thin crust pizza

The Big Hawaiian - Posto

The Big Hawaiian - Posto

Posto, oh Posto,
With your perfect thin crust.
I know when I plan an outting to you,
Your delivery will never be a bust.

Starting with a salad, I know,
The spinach is a must.
Unless it’s the summertime when you get all seasonal,
Before you return back to the staple I know so well & trust.

For the main, it’s a toss up.
What will the day bring?
The Big Pineapple is always a hit,
Though cheese with the spicy sausage? ‘Tis my favorite thing.

And if I need a little extra something something
To add a little more zing
It’s hard to pass up a glass (or a bottle, if need permits)
Of their Montepulciano – at only $20 a bottle, even your wallet will sing.

Not always, but sometimes,
You’ve got an insatiable urge to end the meal with something sweet.
Once you’ve tired their warm chocolate brownie or warm Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie
Your willpower will have nothing to do but admit defeat.

I’ve posted a review of Posto before on here, but couldn’t resist sharing the above I just submitted over on Yelp. A pizza poem. Who doesn’t like that?


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