saint’s alp: my nanowrimo tradition

Right when it starts to get cold, I began to gear up for trips to Saint’s Alp. Yes, I am aware there are other places in the city which probably serve tea, but this has become my favorite. They don’t rush you, so it’s a perfect place to order a large pot of tea and sit back for a bit as you write away. I prefer the Williamsburg location since it’s a bit quieter, but the one on 3rd Avenue is on par with regard to service, quality of food, and quality of tea.

For tea, my absolute favorite is their Almond (Black) Milk Tea, served hot. It’s an almond black tea, which is served with hot milk. I don’t usually like milk in my tea, but I really like something about their preparation. When I first tried it, I thought it was made with almond milk, since I’m an avid drinker of almond milk. Instead though the almond flavor is prominent and makes it taste as if it were made with almond milk. I also really like their honey black tea, which is a straight black tea paired with the addition of a honey. It’s perfect for a cold day or when you’re sick. Very soothing on the throat.

Shredded Chicken Noodle Dish - Saint's Alp

Shredded Chicken Noodle Dish - Saint's Alp

Recently I tried their food for the first time. I went with their shredded chicken dish, which was prepared with vermicelli, green tea noodles, and udon noodles, all topped with crispy onions. Green tea noodles? That was definitely a first. It actually tasted exactly like it sounds – noodles with the slight flavor of green tea. I was curious if the flavor would be overwhelming (because do we all really want to feel like we’re chewing on a grean tea bag?), but it actually ended up being only a slight flavor, and didn’t manage to conflict with the savory quality the dish needed to maintain. The overall portion size was quite large. I think I only managed to finish about half of the dish. I thought the dish also might be heavier on noodles than the chicken, but they definitely did not skimp on the chicken.

Supreme Toast - Saint's Alp

Supreme Toast - Saint's Alp

For dessert, we tried their “supreme toast with blueberry filling”. It was a thick slice of bread, quartered, topped lightly with condensed milk and blueberry preserves. It was only slightly sweet, which was nice seeing as we were already eating tea which had been sweetened. Perfect simple dessert to accompany the tea.

What’s your favorite teahouse?

Saint’s Alp Teahouse
39 3rd Ave (at E 10th St) – 212.598.1890
164 Bedford Ave (b/w 7th St & 8th St) – Williamsburg – 718.486.3888


3 thoughts on “saint’s alp: my nanowrimo tradition

  1. At Saint’s Alp, really love the mini pancakes with peanut-almond spread that are slightly toasted.

    As for other suggestions, Cha-An and Tea & Sympathy are my must-visits to try.

  2. When do they have pancakes?!? Is that a brunch or breakfast thing? Please do dish. I’m curious to try.

    I like Cha-An as well, but find Saint’s Alp better for lingering and writing. I think it’s a personal perception. They don’t run you off at Cha-An as well, but it’s smaller so I feel more inclined to not stay as long.

    Tea & Sympathy is still on my to-be-visited list. I’ll have to hit it while it is still cold!

    • Had to take a peak — its the Hot Cakes topped with peanut butter and coconut speads. I would call it a sticky savory pancake, a light afternoon snack thing.

      Tea & Symphany – go for the pie. Yea, usually British food is a no-no. But I like puff pastry.

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