hickory farms: a blast from the past

I recently signed up to opt on for Foodbuzz’s Tastemaker Program for Hickory Farms for the chance to try some of their gift basket selections. I’m sure you’ve had Hickory Farms, haven’t you? Smokey summer sausage? Variety of basic cheeses? An edge added to the above by a perfect hot mustard?

The week prior to the week of Thanksgiving, a massive box arrived into my office, the contents of which I was quick to hide to ensure they didn’t mysteriously disappear. Inside, I found three logs of summer sausage, two mustards (honey pineapple and hot and spicy), two boxes of crackers, and four cheeses:

  • Cheddar and Havarti blend
  • Three cheese and onion
  • Big Barn Cheddar
  • Smooth and sharp wedge (also cheddar)

I’m not sure about you, but Hickory Farms is a name I know well. I remember being five years old, bright-eyed, watching people hustling around during the holidays, and off in the distance, I’d see the Hickory Farms store. At the time, there was actually a large store in the mall – something which has since been replaced by a stand in the center of the mall. I loved the store for its smell. It’s bright displays and friendly workers. And, of course, the abundant supply of free samples. What can I say? They won my heart for life. If I think of a log of summer sausage, I think of Hickory Farms.

And so what did my family and I snack on over Thanksgiving? Hickory Farms beef and cheese. What have I been using as a snack and/or dinner after holiday affairs until Christmas (confident I don’t truly need to buy groceries until after)? You got it. Hickory Farms.

Gotta love a company that continues to deliver over the years! I have to say, think my favorite is the cheddar/havarti blend and that spicy mustard. Add a sliver of beef, and it’s just perfect.


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