perspective from the platform

Sometimes, it’s so easy to lose focus. To obsess on the details and miss the big picture around you – especially at the holiday season, with so much gong on. And sometimes my competitive, perfectionist nature gets the better of me. I think that, among a multitude of other reasons, is why I love trapeze so much. 2 hours guaranteed each week where I cannot think of anything else. No distractions. And unlike playing flute all those years where I felt the drive to work to be the best in any group of which I was a part of, I know when it comes to trapeze I’m battling myself. Just because the girl next to me is trying to perfect a double cutaway-half doesn’t mean I’m not justified to struggle as much with getting my three-kick turnaround, a skill well behind her level.

Sometimes, you come so close...

Sometimes, you come so close...

And other times, you just get it right and you have to bask in that moment.

Even several weeks later. Love this video (FYI this is my first ever successful return). And my thigh-high striped socks 😉

More restaurant reviews to follow – I’m behind with all of the holiday-related hullabaloo. Hopefully later this week. Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season, wherever you may be! Xx


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