grey dog – brunch worth waiting for

I have a fairly firm policy that busy places must take brunch reservations for me to go. To me, brunch should be relaxing, and if you’re scrambling in, waiting in line, and all that, a little of that feel can get lost. However, some friends of mine who I ironically met at a Tori Amos show were in town to see a Charlotte Martin show (amazing – if you’re not familiar with her, highly recommend) and absolutely had to have brunch at Grey Dog. And not just any Grey Dog. The little location over on Carmine. I was actually pleasantly suprised. You order at the counter and it’s not until you do so that they’ll try to seat you. And even though it’s packed and looks hopeless, they do seem to manage to magically find you a table!

Ordering Counter - Grey Dog

Ordering Counter - Grey Dog

For a small place, it has a varied menu. And daily they serve breakfast until 3pm. Nice. Each day they serve four different soups, which change up from day to day. This particular day they had seafood bisque, turkey chili, chicken minestrone, or carrot and ginger. I watched plates filled with sandwiches (large, but not the overwhelming deli standard in NYC – thumbs up) and even their homemade granola served with yogurt, berries, and bananas, which I saw came in a very large bowl. Their menu ranges from fish tacos to turkey burgers to their reuben. With your choice among turkey, chicken or roast beef and served with sauerkraut, russian dressing, and swiss on grilled bread, the reuben was the winning choice for me. Their bread is also freshly prepared, and you have your choice among whole wheat, cranberry walnut whole wheat, sourdough, nine grain, rye, olive, and challah.

Turkey Reuben - Grey Dog

Turkey Reuben - Grey Dog

If you’re looking for a good brunch option with a wide variety of options, I highly recommend Grey Dog. I know I’ll be back!

Grey Dog – 33 Carmine Street (at Bleecker) – 212.462.0041
Other Locations:
Chelsea – 242 W 16th St – 212.229.2345
Greenwich Village – 90 University Pl – 212.414.4739


3 thoughts on “grey dog – brunch worth waiting for

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  2. This sounds amazing – thumbs up to any place that serves breakfast/brunch until 3pm! But I agree – being a control freak, I’d rather have reservations than not!

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