split personality grits at marc forgione

Marc Forgione

Marc Forgione

A friend who in from Detroit this weekend was all about trying Marc Forgione. She’d wanted to try out his restaurant since he won the Food Network’s Next Iron Chef TV show. So much so that she booked reservations for Saturday dinner followed by Sunday brunch. I was out donning sequins and legwarmers at a party Saturday night, but was looking forward to trying out this new spot for Sunday brunch. The dining space was on the smaller side – a bar with tables bordering on the left-hand side and a full dining area on the right-hand side. Many of the tables were a longer, communal style which had been broken up as needed.

My friends were all about the breakfast meats, so we ordered a side of their maple glazed pork and fennel sausage, their thick cut North Country bacon, as well as they got a small order of their grits. While the bacon was tasty, the sausage is not to be missed. Must try. Very flavorful.

Sides - Bacon, Sausage, and Grits

Sides - Bacon, Sausage, and Grits

I abstained from the grits though, seeing as I’d known ever since I’d peeked at their menu that was going to be my selection. Their baked grits were prepared with pepper jack cheese, North Country bacon, and Feather Ridge Farm eggs. Perfect cold weather selection. Or so I thought. I really enjoyed the top part. The cheese was noticeable yet creamy and not overly heavy. And the bacon bits added a nice touch of savory flavor.

Baked Grits

Baked Grits

All was good until the top was gone, to reveal this. Now the menu stated eggs were a part of the dish, and in the spirit of adventurous dining, I didn’t request an alteration. Eggs? Ok. Egg soup? No thanks. This Southerner maintains grits only meet eggs in casserole form.

Soupy Egg Layer -  Um... no.

Soupy Egg Layer - Um... no.

One friend ordered their omelette, which was light and fresh, and prepared with greenmarket vegetables and fresh Montrachet goat cheese. I was also intrigued by their “Bacon, Egg & Cheese” – soft scrambled eggs, sun dried tomato, applewood smoked bacon. Wait for it. Served not on a bagel or bread. Nope. On a split open parmesan popover. Brilliant!

For an additional $14, you can have bottomless blood orange mimosas with your brunch. Service was impeccable – it was like our server had a sixth sense when it came to mimosa refills. I’ll be back, though I’ll be going with a different selection. Perhaps that Brioche French Toast – served with caramelized bananas, crushed walnut, maple syrup, and whipped cream. It was giving me the enticing eye. Or their “Suck You Sliders” – beer, bacon & butter braised suckling pig, house-made pickles, crispy shallots served on potato rolls (sadly this visit, they were all out).

Marc Forgione – 134 Reade Street (b/w Hudson & Greenwich St) – 212-941-9401
Reservations Recommended


2 thoughts on “split personality grits at marc forgione

  1. Thought I’d pipe in on dinner since I’m the “friend from the D”…

    I’d have to say that dinner was the better of the two meals. Our dinner adventure began with the Hiramasa tartare which was served with avocado, sechuan buttons, toasted pinenuts and saratoga chips. Very light and flavorful. Our server also recommend the Feather Ridge farm eggs in a jar, Perigord black truffles and parmesan crostini. To me it was pure comfort food. It reminded me of when I was a kid dipping my toast into my soft-boiled egg. This is the grown up version with truffles. It is definitely not to be missed.

    For dinner, I had the LI Duck Elvis Presley which is swiss chard wrapped duck breast, foie gras tortellini, turnips, celery root, pinenut butter & banana puree. All I can say is that if it would have been appropriate to lick my plate I would have! I love duck and this was a completely different way to serve it. It comes as a roullade and the duck is cooked to medium rare perfection.

    Our mutual friend (who definitely took advantage of the brunch bottomless mimosas) ordered a dish with pork belly, pork tenderloin and fried pork ear. While I don’t think she was a huge fan of the pork ear, she enjoyed the rest of her dish.

    For dessert which I never miss, I recommend the Tatoos and Strawberries which is a sampler of 5 ice creams served in mini-ice cream cones.

    I agree with you. Next time for brunch, I’m ordering either the brioche french toast or the sliders. And of course, the bottomless mimosas!

    As always…it’s been an adventure trying out new food joints with you. Until next time!

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