hot chocolate festival at city bakery

Every year I mean to go to City Bakery during the month of February for their Hot Chocolate Festival, and every year I seem to forget. Somehow it falls off of my radar. Whatever. Anyhow, when I made fabulous girlie Valentine’s Day evening plans with @katiemo, we thought this was a perfect addition to the itinerary – because every dinner clearly needs a chocolate-based appetizer…

Of course the flavor of the day was Love Potion Hot Chocolate. When asked what that really meant, I was told it was their usual hot chocolate (FYI, very rich – made me reminisce about trips to Europe – good to know there’s somewhere in the city that has this down) with the addition of chocolate syrup drizzled on top.

Marshmallows are “optional”, but they are homemade, massive, and (in my books) a must-have. Only an extra $1, and totally worth it.

You can even buy small boxes of the hot chocolate to go in these cartons. Brilliant.

Highly recommend swinging by at some point before the end of the month to check the Festival out (especially on the cold days, since we seem to be having a random assortment as of late). Definitely worth it! It is very chocolate-y … I do concede to utilizing a chocolate chip cookie as a chaser. When that offsets the sweetness, you know we’re talking sweet! Take note of their hours though. They closed at 7pm on Monday and there were many sad patrons left standing outside…

City Bakery – 3 West 18th Street – 212.366.1414


4 thoughts on “hot chocolate festival at city bakery

  1. It was really good. Some people were getting the “shot” sized portion. While the small was definitely too much for me, the other would not be enough. I’m hoping to go back at least one more time this month.

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