abraço – not your average brew

Unless they dislike coffee altogether, it’s hard to find someone in New York who cannot quickly respond with their favorite coffee. I have a few favorites, but at the top of my list would be the East Village’s Abraço, down the street from a whole slew of some of my favorite restaurants. If I lived on East 7th, I’d never need to leave that latitude.

Abraço - Outside Looking In

Abraço - Outside Looking In

It’s a little spot. The windows are always open, and there will probably be a line out the door. And that’s ok. The first time I went in, I made the mistake of asking for skim milk. Don’t. They don’t have it. No interest. In their eyes, not worth the trouble. Their coffee has a punch to it – a distinct flavor. Iced… warm… doesn’t matter. Still there. Sweetener? Also don’t bother. They only will give you the real stuff, which they’ve made into a syrup to better blend into your beverage of choice. No sizes here. Choose your drink, pick it up, and you’re back outside.

Baked Goods Selection

Baked Goods Selection

The workers respond with quick answers  – once which might seem terse if it weren’t for the way their eyes seem to dance. I just love everything about this place. And I’ve still yet to try their olive oil cake, which I’ve heard is divine.

Perfect spring accessory

Perfect spring accessory

What’s your coffee place of choice? And if you haven’t visited Abraço, highly recommend.

Abraço – 86 East 7th Street (at 1st Avenue) – 212.388.9731


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