musseling round dos at blt fish shack

Having conquered my fear of mussels, I was curious to try BLT Fish Shack’s all you can eat option. Our visit began on a bit of a rocky start, with us having to wait 40 minutes despite having a reservation. They were apologetic once we were seated and, after inquiring, allowed us to get the foursquare special of a free drink with check-in (even though we were seated and not in the bar area – something which required additional approval). They did send us complimentary crab dip once we were seated, a gesture which would have been much more effective if it had been offered at the bar during our wait.

But mussels. Let’s get to the mussels. You have your choice of two preparations – the traditional white wine or their beer/bacon option, and you can choose to change types from round to round. And I liked that as you opt for subsequent batches, you can either get a full or half order. Smart, since eventually, you max out.

White Wine Mussels

White Wine Mussels

While the white wine might be the classic preparation, I was all about the bacon one (beer or no beer – you couldn’t even taste it). The flavor was rich and added the little something that mussels need from tasting just ordinary. And the fries were thin, fresh, and crispy – just right for soaking up all of that wonderful bacon sauce.

Leftover bacon broth - perfect for fry dipping!

Leftover bacon broth - perfect for fry dipping!

I’d like to come back and try their lobster roll and, if I’m lucky, maybe even make my way upstairs for some fancy seafood at BLT Fish.

BLT Shack – 21 West 17th Street – 212.691.8888
Reservations Recommended


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