light mex at agave

Several weeks back, okay probably more like months at this point, it was finally that first night where it’s warm enough to sit outside. Actually, to sit outside with a frozen drink even! We’d chosen to try Agave in the West Village based on our plans to see the documentary on Candy Darling at the IFC Film Center (fascinating film, by the way) and my pleasant experience there ages ago once for brunch. To start, we tried their frozen pomegranate margarita, which wasn’t overwhelmingly tart. Nice start.
Pomegranate Margarita - Agave

Pomegranate Margarita - Agave

We then opted for their guacamole, which they kindly allowed us to spice up. The presentation was very attractive, with the guacamole overflowing out of a small tortilla shell. However, I did notice the portion size was a bit on the small side due to the container. Just an observation. The blue tortilla chips were a nice change.
Guacamole - Agave

Guacamole - Agave

For my main course, I had their crab quesadilla. The portion size was just right, but I learned a lesson not specific to Agave that I just need to accept and move on. To me, crab just never works out in Mexican/Latin meals. Crab enchiladas I’ve had? Just not quite right. Something about the flavor of the meat mixed with the Mexican spices and sauces just combines to make something henceforth I’ll be skipping.
Blue Crab Quesadillas - Agave

Blue Crab Quesadillas - Agave

Overall, service was great and the food was fresh and flavorful. While I wouldn’t say I was blown away, good solid spot if you’re looking for somewhere to book in the West Village with outdoor seating, extensive menu, and reservations for larger groups. And next time, I’ll remember crabs and Mexican food? Shouldn’t be friends.

Agave – 140 7th Ave South (b/w 10th St & Charles St) – 212.989.2100
Reservations Recommended


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