thankful, indeed

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you all had a great one, offset by some power cardio shopping (if that’s your thing). I’ve been off the radar a bit (even mostly silent on Twitter) busy being surrounded by fabulous friends, amazing food (check out this Peking turkey below – so good), and an occasional Dance Central dance battle.

Peking Turkey

I have some great recipes and lots of pending posts to put up shortly. I’ve been a bit MIA as of late. Spent a lot of time a few days back prepping my holiday contributions – sausage balls, pumpkin cream cheese loaf, and pumpkin empanadas. All turned out tasty.

And since ’tis the season, I’ve been typing away in hopes of 50k for NaNoWriMo. I’m shamefully behind, but not ready to throw in the towel yet. I haven’t been putting much up over here, but wanted to share some other places I’ve been popping up lately. I’ve been doing a series of checking in with HuffPostBooks for NaNoWriMo – I thought it’d keep me up on my word count. It’s only sort of kept me in it…

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

Gobble, gobble from Dixie

Gobble, gobble from Dixie

And I put together a photo essay over on Zagat’s Google+ page as a review of the fabulous dinner I won – Zagat Presents Akira Back. What an amazing night of fabulous food. Seeing as I’ve never truly been to Vegas (I don’t give myself credit for sleeping on the floor in the airport and sacrificing $2-$3 in quarters to their lame airport slot machines), it was nice that for one night, they brought Chef Back and many of his creations typically only available at Yellowtail to Manhattan.

How was your holiday?


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