fondue and meats at jakewalk

Jakewalk is one of my favorite spots for catching up with girlfriends. If the tables are full or you’re just not in the mood for sitting at a table, their bar area is nicely done. You don’t feel cramped. In fact, it’s a little too easy to feel content in sitting there and watching the time fly right on by – not that I’m complaining in the least. They have a nice happy hour special that runs Monday through Friday. It’s $2 off all drinks or $10 off bottles of wine. They don’t take reservations, so the special is nice incentive to get there early and find a spot.

Jakewalk - Carroll Gardens

Jakewalk - Carroll Gardens

My friend and I decided to order the fondue for two. The cheese is a blend of a five year cheddar and cave-aged Swiss accompanied by apples, salami and bread. The cheese had just the right amount of flavor – enough to be noticeable but not so much as to detract when paired with the accompanying items.

Fondue - Jakewalk

Fondue - Jakewalk

They are generous with the cheese portion, so it worked perfectly that we also ordered three additional meats (priced at $5 per meat). The selection included sopressata, chorizo, Beef Cervelat (a Schaller & Weber beef sausage), Saucisson a l’Ail (a garlic pork sausage), and Molinari Toscano (a Tuscan-style salami). We went with the sopressata, chorizo, and the garlic pork sausage. All were flavorful and though not intended to be paired with it I’m sure, worked nicely with the fondue.

Charcuterie - Jakewalk

Charcuterie - Jakewalk

Jakewalk – 282 Smith Street (at Sackett), Brooklyn – 347.599.0294
No Reservations


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