french toast tasting at duo

When a French Toast tasting brunch at Duo Restaurant and Lounge popped up on Urban Daddy, the question wasn’t if I’d go … it was when I’d go. The special included unlimited mimosas alongside a sampler plate of three kinds of French Toast. All good. But wait. It was the three kinds of French Toast that won me over. Ready for it?

French Toast Tasting

First, we have the Cookies ‘n Creme French Toast – with vanilla bean creme and crushed cookies. Tasty and borderline more aptly classified as a dessert (not that I’m complaining).

Cookies and Creme French Toast - Duo

Next, their Peanut Butter and Jelly Stuffed French Toast. Oh yes. Taking that childhood favorite to a whole new level.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Stuffed French Toast - Duo

Finally, there was a more staple variation of “out there” French Toasts – the Nutella and banana option, with the bananas caramelized.

Nutella and Caramelized Banana French Toast - Duo

We were still a bit hungry though and ordered their crab cake appetizer and French fries (shoestring style) to round out the meal. Both were the perfect addition.

Crab Cakes

The restaurant was surprisingly fancy. The below light fixture in the center of the dining room sums it up nicely.

Ceiling at Duo

The crowd was light for brunch and the special lead me to believe the bulk of their customers comes from other meals. Service though was attentive. The management was even super accommodating in honoring our special even though (gasp) someone else apparently had already redeemed it due to a system snafu of sorts.

I’d be curious to check out this spot for drinks. Looks like it would draw a swanky crowd.

Duo – 72 Madison Avenue (b/w 27th/28th ) – 212.686.7272
Reservation Suggested


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