soul food done right at mitchell’s

It’s rare that I go into a place in NYC and forget where I am. Not because I’m lost but because it just doesn’t feel like NYC. New York, I love you, but I have to say finding this is refreshing. I walked into Mitchell’s after 9pm on a Thursday. We’d tried to call in an order for delivery but learned that the person who does delivery was gone for the evening. No worries. I’d go in person.

Mitchell's Soul Food - Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Mitchell’s Soul Food – Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

 “What desserts do you have? Do you have banana pudding?”

 “We don’t have that today. We have peach cobbler. And we have cake.” The way she said it, I thought they only had one kind of cake. When I walked in though I found that wasn’t the case. She was using it collectively, just like how all soda in the South is “Coke”. It made me smile.

 The dining room is nothing fancy. It’s all about the food here. It was on the later side for dinner, so when I was there it was mostly filled with people also waiting on orders to go. The tables are basic – topped by simple plastic tablecloths.

 I’ve said before I’m usually underwhelmed by the fried chicken most people rave about. Buttermilk Channel? Meh. The best I’ve found thus far had been Clinton Street Baking Company. Until now, that is. The fried chicken at Mitchell’s was only lightly breaded. The flavor made it obvious to me that they aren’t using super old oil, which was great to see (and taste!). The portion size was generous yet manageable. I usually try fried chicken at any given place only one time. I have to say, I don’t know that I could try any other main dish here now that I’ve had their fried chicken. So good.

Fried Chicken, Mac 'n Cheese, & Collards - Mitchell's

Fried Chicken, Mac ‘n Cheese, & Collards – Mitchell’s

For sides, I went with the mac ‘n cheese and collard greens. The mac was creamy enough but nothing extraordinary. It proved to be a nice balance to the strong pork flavor of the collard greens – and no, that is not a negative comment in the least. Both the fried chicken and collard greens are menu items not to miss.

To finish things off, we had the peach cobbler, which was quite good, even though I found myself wanting just a bit of vanilla ice cream. That’s me just being dessert greedy. The dough portion was not as sweet as others I’ve had, but it worked well with the sweeter peach portion. If this spot were closer to me one word… danger. All this food came to about $12 each. Not bad at all. Highly recommend.

Mitchell’s Soul Food – 617A Vanderbilt Ave @ St Marks Ave, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn – 718.789.3212
No Reservations / Cash Only


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