july 4th at st. francis fountain

Hope you all had a lovely 4th of July! I just got back from a trip to San Francisco filled with sunshine, some relief from the oppressive NYC heat, fabulous company and, of course, some great eats. We were surprised though to find so many places closed the day of the 4th. We walked over to Dynamo Donuts, which was either closed for the holiday or closed due to being out of donuts, as we learned is often the case. We found many stores closed in the Mission (as well as closed when we tried to go back again). We learned store hours are sometimes more goals than absolutes.

St Francis Fountain - The Mission, San Francisco

St Francis Fountain – The Mission, San Francisco

Anyhow, as we made our way back towards where we came from we came across St. Francis Fountain, a spot I’d noted more for ice cream than for food. However, I have to say the food didn’t disappoint. Solid diner style fair with a proper California flair. I had to go with the upside-down hog cakes, which were packed with bacon, cheddar, & green onion. You can get a stack of two or three. I recommend not being so ambitious as to go for three. I couldn’t finish my two! The salty sweet of the bacon/onion/cheese versus the maple syrup works well. Is there anything more American than bacon in pancakes?

Upside-Down Hog Cakes

Upside-Down Hog Cakes

Even better balanced when you add in a milkshake. I went with the espresso milkshake, which was a vanilla milkshake with a shot of espresso. So good. It seemed the perfect brunch option when you just couldn’t seem to pass up some sort of ice cream.

Espresso Milkshake

Espresso Milkshake

My boyfriend went with the Chef’s Mess, which was two eggs scrambled with homefries, bacon & mushrooms, topped with melted cheese, tomatoes, sour cream & green onions. Served with choice of toast or a baked good (he had the banana bread). Serious option. The food just kept coming! Serious quantity of potatoes here lurking underneath the surface. Worth checking out if you’re in the neighborhood. Solid sustenance for wandering a bit through the Mission.

Chef's Mess

Chef’s Mess

St. Francis Fountain – 2801 24th Street (at York) – 415.826.4200
No Reservations


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