burgers & sandwiches, san fran style

San Francisco takes it’s sandwiches seriously. Seriously, they do. After a wonderful day tasting wine in Sonoma, we decided since we were down at the Embarcadero, it would be easy to continue around to Fisherman’s Wharf to In-N-Out. Now I know burger enthusiasts might cringe at my placing burgers in a sandwich post, but I’m going to put them together as they were some of the best food we had that didn’t involve a more formal restaurant setting. Anyhow, I’d never been to an In-N-Out, but I’ve heard over and over how it is one of the west coast “must try” food spots. I prepared myself for that possible inevitable letdown about 80% of the time occurs with anything heavily hyped (sorry, this is where I file The Big Lebowski).

However, I have to say I found their burgers to be quite tasty. It helped that they were my style – of the thinner variety and with options to customize. I didn’t realize until we were in line that the key at In-N-Out is perusing their off-menu options. After the long day, my battery was low but I managed to pull up some sample off-menu options on my phone, such as this page. I went with a cheeseburger with the patty mustard fried and adding chopped chilis. Tasty! Purists might cringe, but I’d say the east coast’s Shake Shack might have a cousin on the other side of the US. Unlike many of the other food options Worth fighting through the crowds at the Wharf.

In-N-Out, Fisherman's Wharf

In-N-Out, Fisherman’s Wharf

During our trip to St. George Spirits, we were lucky enough to get to try out another local favorite – Ike’s Place. I understand it’s a San Francisco favorite that now has an Oakland spot as well. We had all sorts of options from which to choose – sandwiches with chicken and mozzarella sticks or chicken with jalapeno poppers. I understand they also have secret menus. Is this a San Francisco “thing”?

"Kryptonite" had one high promise...

“Kryptonite” had one high promise…

Tempting, but the winner had to be The Krytptonite which packed just about everything and the kitchen sink in between two pieces of bread. There was roast beef, corned beef, pastrami, salami, turkey, bacon, ham, mozzarella sticks, stuffed jalapeno poppers, beer battered onion rings, avocado, pesto, and extra pepper jack. Just. Wow. There’s a reason Anthony Bourdain gave this one a nod. We didn’t have to endure the wait I understand you will likely face when visiting, but if it helps, the sandwich is amazing – a meal and multiple sides, all in one!

"Kryptonite" Sandwich - Ike's Place

“Kryptonite” Sandwich – Ike’s Place

 Who has your “most favorite” sandwich?


3 thoughts on “burgers & sandwiches, san fran style

  1. Nikki, after reading the link I referenced above (different link than what I referenced in line) I was disappointed I didn’t order the fries “well done”! I’ll have to revise the above to note we also had root beer floats, which were pretty good though not amazing.

  2. Now I’m craving In-N-Out! Will have to satisfy my tummy when I get to SoCal in August. Hmmm…what will I order?

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