sunday supper at 606 r&d

A few Saturdays back, we decided to try out 606 R&D’s “Sunday Supper”. It had been a busy day – running all around Union Square/Greenwich Village for iAdventure’s Olympic Scavenger Hunt (we, the Google+ Local team, were the overall winners!). We had worked up quite an appetite.

Located along a strip of several restaurants and bars, 606 R&D looks very low-key. T originally thought it was more of a sandwich shop until a friend mentioned they had fabulous cocktails and we should stop in.

Sunday supper only runs from 5-9pm and they don’t take reservations (for it or any other meal, for that matter) unless you are a party of 6 or more. We were seated out back, a nice open patio with simple white lights strung up around the perimeter.

I was intrigued by the simple, seasonally appropriate menu. This could either be really good or too simple and basic to deliver. The first course was an eggplant spread with radishes, celery, and crackers. The eggplant was flavorful and the radishes, celery, and crackers were a nice crunchy contrast to the soft spread. After that first course, I had a feeling the rest would be solid.

The main course and its accompaniments was served family style, arriving with enough for two in three different oval dishes. There was the rotisserie chicken – simply done, juicy and flavorful. It worked quite well with the macaroni & cheese, which was light on breadcrumbs but crunchy enough along the top to get by in my book. Besides whatever cheese they used – hard to tell though a blend of a stronger and a slightly moderate strength white, if I took a guess – was just so good. And then there was a basic big green salad. The dressing was light, allowing the freshness of the greens to shine through.

For dessert, there was their much touted donuts. I’d read you wanted one cinnamon sugar and one with just plain sugar. Thankfully that’s precisely what each person receives. Perfect ending.

The first time I went, they were running short on donuts and they allowed my boyfriend to substitute their blueberry pie. My oh my. Hands down, the best blueberry pie I’ve had in a long time. Dare I say it challenges my all-time favorite, Brieremere (serious compliment). Note, if they don’t offer the substitute, there will probably be a $3 charge – and the strawberry-rhubarb isn’t as good as the blueberry pie.

It was such a good meal, that we went back last night. There was an additional option on the line-up. For starters, there was this refreshing watermelon salad – two kinds of watermelon, mint, feta, and pumpkin seeds. Perfect for a warm evening.

Additionally, you could change up your choice of mains – rather than the rotisserie chicken, this Sunday we ordered the butterflied trout with a celery salad for $32 versus $20. The fish portion size wasn’t playing. The salad had olives as well, which made for an interesting combination. I’m not a big fan of olives, but the diced ones here worked somehow.

If you don’t want to dine-in, you can call in 20 minutes ahead and get that day’s set menu to go. This is definitely one of my new fave spots. Can’t wait to try out brunch.

606 R&D – 606 Vanderbilt Ave (at St Marks Ave) – Prospect Heights, Brooklyn – 718.230.0125
Reservations for Parties 6+


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