les turned hamptions at grey lady

I’ll admit that I randomly opt in for lots if Urban Daddy and Thrillist specials. I try to remember to check and see if they have appalling reviews but, more often than not, when friends email wanting to go, I’m in. Especially if it’s a good offer. And chances are if, like this one, it involves lobster – I’m in.

Grey Lady - Lower East Side

Grey Lady – Lower East Side

It wasn’t until I was sitting in Grey Lady that I realized why it was so oddly familiar. A quick peek on the Googles confined what I suspected – this was the old White Slab Palace space. A place that served generic cocktails with an inflated pricetag that tried way too hard. It was quite different to see it now as such a bright space. I mean, I could actually see my friends’ faces – though to be fair, it was all of noon on a Saturday. The feel of the restaurant was crisp yet cozy. I felt like I was in the Hamptons. Mission accomplished without requiring the LIRR. 

Dark and Stormy - Grey Lady

Dark and Stormy – Grey Lady

The special included a brunch main and unlimited cocktails for $35. For cocktails, you could choose from filling your glass with a mimosa, bloody mary, or dark and stormy. I started with a mimosa, which was good but standard, before progressing to the dark and stormy. Warning – that one means business.

Lobster Roll - Grey Lady

Lobster Roll – Grey Lady

For mains, it wasn’t a true choice as far as I was concerned. I knew coming in that it was all about the lobster roll. On their regular menu, that alone will set you back $25. The preparation was simple. There’s a buttered split top roll. Lobster was plentiful – check out this claw meat! Mayo was light – just like I prefer it to be. It’s paired with a light portion of potato chips and a celery salad. Summer on a plate!

I’d like to come back and check out their dinner menu. In the meantime if you’re like me and are not quite ready to let summer go, add this one into your rotation. It’s almost like you’re at the beach. Almost.

Grey Lady – 77 Delancey Street (at Allen Street) – 646.580.5239


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